Mike and Judy's Wedding

Wedding: January 11, 2011
Re-enactment: January 15, 2011

After we had made all the arrangements for our wedding (which was to be on January 15), Judy and I decided to get married on January 11 because our anniversary date would be 1/11/11.  But since we had already made all the arrangements for the restaurant, flowers, cake, etc. we decided to re-enact our wedding on the original date.  These pictures are from the re-enactment.

Here's Judy in her wedding dress.  Doesn't she look beautiful - and happy?

And here we are greeting our guests.

And here we are with "Reverend Mike".

Now, the wedding has started and I'm waiting for my bride.

Jonas was part of the service.

I think this is where Reverend Mike asked me "Do you take this woman to be your wife?" and I answered, "Ya, sure, you betcha!"

This is a joke between Judy and I.  She's of Norwegian extraction and that's the first "Norwegian" phrase she taught me.

We each read a statement prior to the vows.  You can read our statements here.

Judy is placing the ring on my finger.

And I'm placing the ring on her finger.

You may now kiss your bride!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you - Mr. and Mrs. Henderson

And now some after-ceremony shots.  Reverend Mike is actually Mike Maglio.

From left to right: Constance Perett, Kara Lickfett, Judy Henderson, Jennifer Maglio, and Shelbie Moritani.

From left to right: Ted Lengel, Mike Maglio, Mike Henderson, Jay Lickfett, and Evan Moritani.

The family!

The wedding toast.

The wedding dog, Jonas.

And here we are at the restaurant.

The wedding cake

Getting ready to cut the cake.

Cutting the cake

Judy gives the first piece to Mike

And Mike gives a piece to Judy.

And here's the whole gang. From left to right, bottom row:  Judy, Mike, and Jay and Kara Lickfett. Second row: Evan and Shelbie Moritani, Mike and Jennifer Maglio, and Connie Perett and Ted Lengel